Maybe You have heard of a Megalithic necropolis? I had not either, until my kids and I visited the BrunaBoinne website north of Dublin, Ireland.We took an afternoon excursion to the Boyne Valley Where historical burial tombs are observed in a group called a necropolis, or cemetery. BrunaBoinne includes the sites of Newgrange,Knowth, Dowth and Townleyhall.

The tombs are somewhat older than Stonehenge in England. Newgrange, for example, was assembled around 3200 BC, which was 4,000 years before the Anglo-Norman castles were built in Ireland and 600 years before the Pyramids were constructed in Egypt da my nghe.

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The tombs were constructed throughout the New Stone Age by the people in a booming farming community. They buried their people at the sites they thought contained the spirits of their ancestors. They performed rituals and celebrated at the tombs.

The mound over the tomb is more than 300 feet round And more than 30 ft high. A lot of the stone came in the Wicklow Mountains which are 50 miles (80 kilometers ) south of the website. How the stone was hauled remains a mystery. It is projected that it could have taken 300 workers at least 20 years to construct the tomb at Newgrange.

There’s a circle of 12 upright stones that Surrounds the tomb. Initially, there may have been more stones. The upright stones were put during the last stage of construction.The tomb at Newgrange was constructed so The light from the sunrise shines into the main passageway and lighting the burial chamber for around 20 minutes to the winter solstice.

GC7B99Z Newgrange - Passage Tomb / Ancient Temple . (Virtual Cache) in Leinster, Ireland created by Silver Soldier

There’s an opening called a roof-box above The entry to the tomb. The light gradually lengthens and reaches the back of the passage. The beam gets wider as the sun climbs until the room is illuminated. After 17 minutes, the sun leaves the chamber.When I seen the tomb, slid inside the Ancient room and heard the story of the solstice sunrise, I had the impression Of connection with the ancient people of Ireland.