When we are visiting hotels or other public places, we may be sprinkle off the lobby decorating ideas which are settled there. The goal of lobby’s manufacturing project in every place is serves the noticeable and remarkable decoration for every visitor and guest. Some architects even could bring and gather unpredictable decoration as center look of a place. In this beautiful day, we are going to talk about six wonderful lobbies in some hotels around the world. Ladies and gentlemen, these are for you!

First, we have the Miami Contemporary lobby’s hotel. It such as studio lobby with fused guest room and restaurant in elongated space. The hotel lobby decorating ideas which are popped up here is served the glass waterfall and carved furniture under the glorious white ceiling. For dense European style, the lobby hotel of Fitzwilliam Hotel fully equipped with heavy modern furniture in bold colours. Golden and black in complex dark packaging turn this lobby into the elegant entrance hall.

In Budapest, there is Hotel Palazzo Zichy which the lobby designed with a big pendant lamp as allurement. With a direct connection to the closed waiting room, this cool lobby contains of a sleek black reception desk, the carved wall in different material construction, and glass ceiling with metal panels.

Think about the Hilton Hotel, is think about luxurious design. The Hilton Hangzhou Qiandao Lake resort has a spacious lobby with incredible interior decoration within. Look how the crystal chandeliers express the inevitable beauty of Asia.

By the way, the last two inspirational lobby designs have been expressed by Santa Barbara resort and Ace Hotel. The Bacara Resort and Spa in Santa Barbara has adopted the interesting design of tropical theme in strong green and blue. Wondering why tribal carpet, metal chain accessories and earthy-natural adornment blends as one in modern style, the Ace Hotel presents what’s called eclectic in gorgeous interior hotel lobby decoration with unbelievable accessories and dramatic realization.