Since the living room can be said as the most important room in your house, you will need to have living room design ideas. The living room is the place where you are welcoming guests and there you will spend much time to talk and snack. That is why you have to have brilliant room decorating ideas for your living room. You can put any modern furniture to make in grandeur.

If you have a narrow space in your living room, you must have small living room design ideas. It will always be challenging to decorate a small living room.




You have to choose the best furniture. Well, usually, a living room is featured by sectional sofas, throw pillows, individual chairs as addition, floor lamp, table lamp, stunning fireplace for modern room design, and also a coffee table. Talking about coffee table, it is interesting to own it one in your home.

There are various coffee table designs which can be inspirational design for you. One of the inspirational coffee tables comes from Isamu Noguchi. He is American-Japanese master sculptor. His work should be familiar to you. The coffee table can be the best solution for decorating the living room.

When you have small living room, you can combine it with a sectional sofa and two individual chairs. You don’t need to add more furniture. If you have spacious living room, you can decorate it easily. Here are some inspirational room decorations. You can decorate your room with the domination of neutral colours like grey and black.

Here you can put two grey sectional sofas, grey curtains, mounted LCD TV, stunning fireplace below the TV, stones wall, and of course the star, Noguchi table made of glass. You can put a vase of white flower on the table. To add the contrast in the neutral living room, you can add the splash of yellow colour in the throw pillows.

The other large living room design is by putting a Noguchi coffee table and combine it with plywood lounger. You can also combine it with large sectional sofa in grey colour with white wool rug. Those modern living room design ideas can transform your old living room becoming more attractive.