We never think of words and magic Because the same thing. Neither do we believe of the intimacy we have with words. After all, our entire interaction with each other as well as ourselves depends on the use of words. Yet still for most of the significance that words play in our lives we still do not really know the energy that they contain.

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We’re like wizards demonstrating our reality Moment by moment. Speaking into our presence what words can produce our own expertise. “I’m free, I’m happy, I am stupid, I am an idiot…” No matter those magical phrases are that they have a life the minute they depart our lips.

The words we speak create a minute Magical show, such as fireworks on the fourth of July. But we do not observe this expansive immediate wave of reaction that is happening with our bodily eyes. Our words go through the ethers, which makes us entering space. Instantly there’s a response together with the spoken word. It may go undetected but the response is there.

Pocket Full of Colors: The Magical World of Mary Blair, Disney ...Our words create an image in our brain and the thoughts of people that are listening, these pictures trigger an emotional reaction and that reaction sends out a wave of shaking. That wave of vibration strengthens those pictures we held in our mind and attracts to us waves of similar frequency. What we bring amazes us what we talked of was accurate, but this isn’t really at all.

We still haven’t heard the power of Magic is not in what’s returned to us. What has returned to us is the Effect; it is the outcome of something that has triggered it in presence. The ability of magic lies initially, the source and this source is the words we put to the ethers. We’re consistently the Cause.

Gaining Perspective Through Untranslatable Words

The moment we realize that the magic is in The origin, that source being you and that I then accurate magic beings. We can weave words of brilliance and beauty. We can paint our lives with phrases of light, filling each corner with wonder and power.Visit hereĀ  https://www.jewelshealinggarden.com/.

We can speak life into matters that where Were once dead and we could create where there was no existence. We could choose to Speak words which take us to elevated conditions and phrases which open great possibility.